To build up the technical and soft skills of all professionals engaged in the building industry in the area of town planning and related services, through courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, expert talks and technical tours.





The objectives of the MIP Training Centre are as follows:

  1. To provide a facility for capacity building for members of MIP above and beyond what they have learnt at college or university;
  2. To provide courses and training for the advantage of MIP’s members that are in line with the latest development trends, lifestyles and needs of human settlements to meet with current and future challenges;
  3. To up skill the profession to meet up with global standards and competitiveness.
  4. To offer technical study tours to cities in other countries, that show the best practices in planning, urban design, urban governance and all matters related to human settlements, including initiatives towards climate change adaptation;
  5. A centre for the training of related professionals such as architects, engineers, landscape architects, surveyors and developers to learn more about Town Planning practices, Guidelines, Standards and policies pertaining to land use and their practical implications;
  6. Organizing of both national and international conferences, workshops, expert talks and dialogues for members and all professionals in related fields, in order to expand knowledge, experiences and best practices in the arena of human settlements as well as obtain updates on the latest trends and issues;
  7. To keep members informed of annual international conferences and seminars that are related to the fields of human settlements and assist members who may be interested in attending them, in terms of more detailed information and references on travel plans.